The global automotive market is diverse. It ranges from original equipment
manufacturers (OEM) and components to dealerships and commercial
vehicle manufacturers.

The potential for growth can be found in many areas starting from
manufacturing and domestic markets in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India,
and China) and other developing economies.

We have experience of over 20 years in this sector, and we have gathered
knowledge throughout an ever-evolving period within the history of the

Business-to-Business and Consumer Research

Automotive market research incorporates both business-to-business and
consumer research for some of the most major companies and their suppliers.

The analysis-related work that we are asked to complete, requires a deep understanding of the automotive industry and that is exactly why our studies use all types of accurate methods.

We work directly with the brands, their holding companies and their suppliers. We also collaborate with consultants who specialize in various programs and initiatives.

Our specialties include:
  • Mystery shopping reports that cover:
    • Pricing
    • Dealer site evaluation
    • Warranty information
    • Light maintenance price checks
    • Sticker price checks (including standard and optional equipment price adjustments)
    • Price evaluationof new and/or used car market
    • Market appraisal
    • Attitudinal segmentation
    • Brand image
    • Brand equity
    • Clinic marketing launch evaluation programs
    • Ride and drive clinics
    • Advertising pre-testing
    • Copy testing
    • Clinic concept testing
    • Customer satisfaction (dealer evaluation and competitive benchmarking)

    Our Automotive network, based in our member firms around the world helps us take a broad range approach to our clients’ activities within the industry.

    Our services focus on assisting our clients: Specifically the sections we active are:
    • Reports and regulation
    • Sustainability
    • Plant location, closures and relocation
    • Emerging market companies
    • Evolving distribution channels
    • Consumer trends
    • Private equity investment
    • Improving operational efficiencies
    • Market entry and expansion
    • Business operating model structure
      • The automotive sector offers proactive, forward-thinking services to our firms’ clients to help ensure that the potential of growth is not missed and that the challenges can be faced.

        Some of our primary end clients are the following:
        • Daimler-Chrysler
        • BMW
        • Fiat Auto
        • Ford Motor Co.
        • General Motors
        • Honda
        • Jaguar
        • ESSO
        • Hyundai
        • SHELL
        • Nissan
        • Renault
        • Suzuki
        • Toyota
        • VW
        • Volvo
        • Toshiba
        • Kia
        Some of our second tier clients are the following:
        • Nippon (NCR)
        • TSR
        • IPSOS
        • ACNeLSON
        • TNS
        • GFK
        • AMR
        • Ronin
        • TRS
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