Healthcare is an industry where the need for accurate, quick and reliable
information is imperative to support successful decision-making.

Our professionals are determined to help and guide our clients by providing
them with this accurate and reliable information, as well as offering
competent counselling and advice. We workhard to help them meet their

Our company has worked on multiple studies with different methods in
the healthcare industry, including:
  • Rx pattern assessment study
  • Evaluation of impact
  • Recall of detail aid among physicians
  • HCP evaluation studies: including doctors, pharmacists, and medical representatives
  • Pricing surveys
  • New product and/or instrument testing
  • Consumer surveys - over the counter medicine
  • Incidence and prevalence studies
  • Diagnostic research
  • Patients’ records and prescription monitoring
  • Development research
  • Treatment gap analysis
  • Brand image
  • Usage and attitude
  • KOL research
  • Promotional/ad testing

We have covered different therapeutic areas such as NSAIDs, oral care, diabetes, endometriosis, anti-thrombosis classes, different types of cancer, respiratory-related areas, bone-related areas, etc.

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