People do not always say what they mean, and understanding their true intentions can be quite complicated when you conduct research in different cultures. Thanks to our local expertise, our company can extract the true meaning and significance of consumers’ responses. Our proven qualitative focus groups, which help provide information on the market’s and customers’ perception, are traditional, re-convened, extended and creative.

We conduct in-depth interviews, as well as accompanied shopping, home visits, usability studies (UX), ethnographic research and much more. These are specifically designed to capture the respondents’ complex decision-making process.

Our company also covers instances where respondents are interviewed in natural conditions, through observation, dairies and desk research.

We can handle your qualitative researches. That means that we can:

  • Make research proposals to you
  • Prepare screener/recruitment questionnaires
  • Discuss about your guide design
  • Help you with recruitment
  • Moderation
  • Give you client briefs
  • Make translation from English to Arabic and vice versa
  • Make translation from English to other languages
  • Give you executive summaries
  • Make presentations (performed by professionals managers)
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